Green Peas Paratha


Flour (Maida) :  If you want to make 1 peas paratha, then take as much as you will take to make 2 normal parathas

Oil :  You will need a lot of oil 🙂

Green Peas: For 4 parathas I used 200 gms of frozen green peas

Water : To knead the dough, you need approximately half the amount of water with respect to the flour



Chili Powder : 0.5 tbs

Asafoetida (Hing) –  0.5 tsp

Sugar – 0.5 tbs


1 Bowl for making the dough

2 Plates for a lot of things

1 Grinder to blend the cooked peas

1 Rolling Pin to roll the parathas

1 Ladle or Tongs for fliping the parathas

1 Tawa for frying the parathas


This is the part which takes a while to master –  kneading the dough. My advice is to add small amount of water at a time.  But first add some oil in the flour. I am making 4 parathas, so I used around 1 tbs of oil. Mix the flour and oil. Now you can add water slowly and knead. Add more water if required till you get a slightly elastic but firm dough.  If possible cover the dough and keep aside for sometime, my mother says it helps the flour to soak the water better.



Preparing the green peas filling is easy. Add all the frozen green peas in a pressure cooker and add a spoonful of sugar. If the peas are in frozen state, you do not need to add any water. Cook for 2 whistles.

When the peas are cooked pour them in a blender and add salt, chili powder and asafoetida (hing) and blend till you get a smooth paste. Take the green peas paste out to a plate, mix well with hand and make small green-peas balls of approx 1 inch diameter.

Green Peas_1

Make a little bit bigger size of balls from the dough. To make these, rub some oil in your hand and then make the balls.


Now for the next part, make the dumpling and roll the dough. Flatten the balls by pressing with hand. Try to make the circumference thinner than the middle part. Put the peas filling in the middle and fold the sides to make a dumpling. Gently press the middle to seal it. Repeat the same steps for rest of the balls.


Now take a rolling pin and rub little oil on the top of the rolling surface. Place one dumpling face down on the flat surface. Gently and carefully roll it to a paratha. Don’t beat it if it is not circular 🙂 . Repeat for all the other dumplings.

Now put the tawa and sprinkle some oil. Put one paratha on the tawa. While the bottom side is cooking sprinkle little more oil on the top. After a minute flip the paratha. Keep flipping till you are satisfied. Repeat this procedure for rest of the parathas.


Your green peas parathas are ready for serving. If you please add a cube of butter.


 A Quick Recap:

  1. Mix a spoonful of oil with the flour
  2. Add water and knead till you get an elastic but firm dough
  3. Cut the dough in equal size pieces. Rub some oil on both of your hands and make balls with them
  4. Pressure cook the frozen green peas with a spoonful of sugar
  5. Blend the cooked peas with salt, chili powder and hing
  6. Make little smaller sized balls with the green peas paste
  7. Flatten the balls and place the green peas filling in the middle. Make a dumpling.
  8. Roll the dumplings to get the circular parathas
  9. Fry the parathas on a tawa.
Green Peas Paratha
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