Pan fried chicken nuggets, one of my kid’s favorites. Normally chicken nuggets are deep-fired, but we are going to pan fry it, so it is relatively healthy as well.



1 Medium sized Chicken Breast

Bread Crumbs or 2 Rusks

1 Egg

2 Tbs White Flour

2 Tbs of Vegetable Oil





1 Plate

1 Bowl

1 Grinder (in case using rusks)

1 Frying pan

1 Ladle


How to make bread crumbs from rusks

If you could not find any bread crumbs in your nearby markets then just buy some milk rusks and grind them till you get the crumbs


 Chicken Nuggets Preparation

If your meat vendor is willing, ask him to cut the chicken breast in 1 inch pieces. If not, you can cut them at home with a pair of scissor. Clean the pieces under running water, and then pat the dry with a clean cloth or kitchen towel. Sprinkle the pieces with a pinch of salt and pepper for seasoning. Now we need to prepare the three layers of coating before frying the nuggets.


You need some egg whites.

To get the egg-white only, break the egg and try to keep the yolk in the shell while pouring the white into a bowl.

As you can see mine got contaminated with two drops of yolk. I guess this can be forgiven 🙂


Second and Third,

Take a clean and dry plate and spread seperately bread crumbs and plain flour.


Now Assembly,

It is better to use both of your hands while assembling, one for the the wet ingredient like egg white and other one for the dry ingredients like flour and crumbs

Take one chicken piece at a time, dip it in the egg whites with your left hand (wet hand) and put on the plain flour. With your right hand (dry hand) coat the pieces first with plain flour and then crumbs and keep them aside. Keep repeating the same steps for each piece.???????????????????????????????


Now Pan Fry,

In a frying pan heat up 2 Tbs oil. When the oil is hot add one by one all the chicken pieces. Fry both the sides till you get crispy golden brown crust.

The pieces are used for this recipe are very small and they cook perfectly in a very small amount of time. Just cook for half a minute on each sides. If you are feeling doubtful, if they are cooked are not, just cut open one piece to check the middle portion.

??????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????

Take the nuggets off the heat and soak the excess oil on a kitchen towel.???????????????????????????????

Your pan fried chicken nuggets are ready to serve with some ketchup. 


Pan Fried Chicken Nuggets
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