This is a dish from my childhood. No, I did not like it when I was young. However, when I was far away from my childhood and created my own nest, the memories of Sunday mornings with Luchi and Alu Kumro Potolr Dalna kind of crept in now and then. And a dish, which was never favourite, became a nostalgic reminder of some fun mornings.



200 gms of Pumpkin

1 medium sized potato

5 or 6 parwal (potol)



2 tbsp Sugar

1 tsp Hing (asafoetida)

0.5 tbsp turmeric

0.5 tbsp of red chili powder

1 tsp whole cumin seeds


Partially remove the skin of the potols and cut in four long pieces. Wash and rub a little salt on the pieces. In a kadai take 2 tbsp of mustard oil and fry them till take a nice golden brown coloring. Keep them aside.

Actually the shape I have cut the potols are not the correct shape for this dish, however this shaped ones cooks first.

??????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????

Cut pumpkin and potatoes into small pieces and wash them well.???????????????????????????????

In a Kadai take some oil, when the oil is hot add a pinch of whole cumin seeds and hing (asafoetida) and roast them for a minute. Then add the pumpkins and potatoes in the pan and saute for few minutes.???????????????????????????????

Add salt, turmeric, red chili and sugar and saute for another minute.

Add a cup of water in the pan and bring it to boil. Cover the pan and simmer in reduced the heat till the water evaporates and both potatoes and pumpkins are well cooked and mushy. Add some water in needed.??????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????

Add the fried potols and stir. Cook for another minuet and your alu kumro potoler dalna is ready to serve.???????????????????????????????

Alu Kumro Potoler Dalna
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