Author : Jeff Kinney

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Language : English
Verdict : My daughter really liked it, I will give it ‘okay’ (3/5)

Rowley Jefferson’s Awesome Friendly Adventure (book link) is Rowley’s second book and it is decidedly better than the first one, Diary of an Awesome Friendly Kid, which was more about Greg anyway.

‘Awesome Friendly Adventure’ is all about a novel written by Rowley and its ‘constructive’ criticism given by his best friend ‘The Wimpy Kid’ Greg Heffley.

I found the story a bit boring to begin with but it picked up speed and then it delivered in the end in terms of its fun quotient. Rowley characteristically wanted to put a lot of good messages in his book and Greg was all about movie rights, merchandise selling factors and marketing. The ending twist, which I did not anticipate, was nice.

What the added bonus was, that my daughter liked the book so much she had already read it 3–4 times. And picked up the detective novel (brag alert! 😀) she was writing and finished another chapter 😀.

Now as this story goes,

Roland woke up one morning and found his mother was kidnapped by an evil White Warlock. Immediately Roland started his preparation for a rescue mission. He and his best friend Garg the barbarian joined forces. After an elaborate shopping spree, they set out on their treacherous journey.

On the way they met a lot of interesting characters including original ones developed by Rowley, and other well known mythical and fictional characters like Sherlock Holmes or Medusa (as Greg reassured him that there will not be any copyright violation).

It was a fun and exciting journey with some pockets of ‘good advices’ 😁. And after each chapter there was always the ‘wise’ thoughts by Greg. These thoughts did feel like frustrations that Jeff Kinney himself felt while his movies were getting produced.

BTW, I hated all the wimpy kid movies, most of the cases I could not finish even half of them.

So here is my one line verdict

I liked reading it, since the ending was good 😄. And as we all know all’s well that ends well!


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Book Review: Rowley Jefferson’s Awesome Friendly Adventure
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