An improvised coffee which can have flavor of latte and cappuccino ?. By the way this one is made with cold milk, I was feeling lazy to heat it up ?. So this is a cold coffee preparation. If you make with hot milk do let me know how it turns out.

The Latteccino

Some customary background before we start making coffee

I was never this fancy with coffee, at least not at home. However, not being able to visit cafes made me buy quite a few instruments and different varieties of coffees. Now I try different recipes, not always something conventional. I mostly improvise with the ingredients I have or the mood I am in. So here is one I made today. I call it latteccino, since it has triple shots of espresso, so it is a bit dark. The milk and foam layers are almost same size. There is a foam layer of plain milk and one made from dalgona coffee.

What do we need?


An stovetop espresso maker, aka mocha pot (something like these) I use the one I bought from CCD.

A French press (I use InstaCuppa French Press Coffee Maker, it is pretty good)

A hand blender (I use Inalsa Hand Blender Robot INOX 1000 Plus, but any milk frother also work pretty good)

Large cups 450 ml (I used this one)

Ingredients for two large cups of Coffee

1 table spoon Ground coffee for the mocha pot (I use Blue Tokai Coffee Roasters Home Espresso)

1.5 tea-spoons Instant coffee for dalgona (I use Davidoff Café Espresso 57 Intense Instant Coffee)

1.5 tea-spoon Sugar (I used powdered sugar, easy to dissolve than the crystal ones)

250 ml Hot or Cold Milk (I have used cold toned milk)

Cholate syrup for decoration (I used Hershey Choco syrup )

Now the Process

Espresso Shots

Prepare your espresso using espresso maker (aka mocha pot). You can checkout a lot of videos to see how to do that. I grabbed couple from my search in YouTube. here is one, and here is another. Let the coffee settle a little after it is done.

You know what, you can make this also with instant coffee. If you do that please let me know how it was in the comment section, We now make the dalgona.

Now we make Dalgona coffee

In a bigger pot take 1.5 tea-spoon instant coffee, add same amount of sugar and 1 table spoon espresso you just made in the last step. Whisk it with the hand-blender or the milk frother. Or if you can do it by hand as well if you have the strength ?. Here is a video about dalgona (the good part is between 30 sec to 1min 20 sec).

Time to make the foamed milk

Take the amount of milk you please, I took 250 ml milk in a 600 ml French-press. Then move the plunger up and down for 40 times ?. Here is a video for you. And the foamed milk will be ready. I have used cold milk. Was not feeling like heating the milk ?.

You know what you can also use a milk-frother for this step. But I have found that French-press foams are much smoother.

Now the assembly time

Line the cups with chocolate syrup. then pour the expresso from the mocha pot slowly. Then the foamed milk. And finally add the Dalgona on the top. Spread it with a spoon.

You can always top it of with more chocolate syrup.

And your cold latteccino is ready to be served.

Improvised Coffee:Latte plus Cappuccino or Latteccino
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