movie poster tenet

Director: Christopher Nolan

Year: 2020

Language: English

Verdict: Disappointed (3/5) 😌

It is said that one should gather data and then derive their conclusion from it. Not the other way around, one should not make their conclusion and then gather data to support it.

While watching Tenet I felt like the director wanted to show two parallel times together in the same screen, where one is going forward and the other is going backward. So we can see some people running in the forward direction and the other people running in the reverse direction (which does seem a cool thing to do direction-wise). And then he wrote the story around it. So to me everything felt very disconnected and devoid of compassion. Characters popped up and then disappeared as quickly that I could not form a relationship with them. I could not find any rhyme or reason surrounding the occurrences. It felt like the connecting threads were missing. I guess director Nolan has a sequel planned which will be (causally speaking) a prequel to this story 😁.

Anyway I have found this movie borderline boring and uninspiring. I will still go back to MIB and Back to the future instead of Tenet.

Highly disappointed 😌 .


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Movie Review: Tenet
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