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Belly the Elephant

Belly the Elephant & Peanut Butter

Belly the elephant is my daughter’s stuffed toy and she loves to eat peanut butter. You may ask, how did I come to know that? Let me tell you the story.

You see, I keep my jar of peanut butter on the dining table. And I started to notice that every morning there’s a spoonful worth of peanut butter missing.

I asked my daughter, and she said she didn’t eat it.

I asked my husband, he said he didn’t eat it.

So, I started to wonder, where did all the peanut butter go? Then I decided to put the jar in the refrigerator.

Next morning when I woke up and opened the refrigerator, there was Belly the elephant, holding the jar and sleeping. Ice formed in his trunk.

So, I got her out of there and put a blanket around her. She caught a cold, but she is feeling much better now.

Then on, I kept the jar of peanut butter back on the dining table. Every night after we go to sleep, Belly wakes up and eats a pawful of peanut butter and comes back to bed.


Belly the Elephant & Peanut Butter
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