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A Boy with a Leaf

Two weeks back when it was raining, I drew this boy running for a shelter with a large leaf as an umbrella, but my daughter came up with a different story because she has never seen a large leaf like this …

Magic Leaf

Once upon a time there was a little boy. He was playing in a field and suddenly he found himself shrinking. He was very surprised and started to panic. And to add more to his misery it started to rain. Then he got a brilliant idea. He found a leaf, which still had a stem attached to it. He made it as his umbrella and started to run for his home. But the leaf was magical, the moment he started running with it he started to grow and when he reached home, he became normal sized again. By that time, it stopped raining as well. THE END 😃

The Boy with a Leaf – The Magic Leaf
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