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the butterfly girl

We, my daughter and I, thought of accompanying short stories with each illustration. I am not sure if it is possible for each drawing, but I will give it a try. So, here is the next one.

The Great Butterfly Rescue

Once upon a time there was a little girl named Bela. There was a beautiful forest next to Bela’s house. And in that forest there was a butterfly-field. There came a great many butterflies and Bela loved to play with them. Her favorite ones were the yellow butterflies. They were small and pretty like the warm rays of sunshine.

One day when Bela was starting for the butterfly-field, her mother asked her to bring water from the nearby creek. This chore made Bela late for her games with the butterflies. And when she finally reached, there was a big surprise waiting for her – a wicked witch was collecting all the yellow butterflies in a net and was putting them in a big glass jar. The witch was making a potion that night and she needed yellow butterflies to cook it.

Bela hid behind a bush and kept watch, and started to hatch a rescue plan. Soon the witch collected all the yellow butterflies and set off for her hut. Bela followed quietly. After half an hour of walking, the witch reached her home. She put the glass jar down on her porch and started to look for the keys in the pouch tied to her waist. Bela thought this was the perfect time to snatch the jar. And she did what she thought. She ran from the large tree she was hiding behind, picked up the jar and kept running back towards the forest.

After quite some time of running Bela stopped in an unknown part of the forest. She caught her breath and then hid behind a big rock. She waited there for some time to see if the witch followed her. When she was sure that she was all alone, she opened the jar and let all the butterflies fly out. And she watched their flight with a happy flattering heart.
Then she threw the glass jar and stepped on it to break it into a thousand pieces. After that she started to look for a way home. To her surprise one of the yellow butterflies showed her the way. Just before dusk Bela was safely back home.

The End. 😀

The Butterfly Girl – The Great Butterfly Rescue
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