Week 1. Post 1.

I thought of taking a daily challenge of learning character design for a year. But after 2 weeks and doing only 7 illustrations I thought of modifying the number. So now my new aim is to finish 200 illustrations in one year, starting today 6-nov. The aim for this challenge is for me to improve my character drawing skill and to obviously have fun 😊. I am known for not able to finish this kind of challenges in the past. So please do wish me luck. ♥️

In this challenge I will illustrate of few characters and will try to provide a short story along with it. So this is my way of learning character design. My ulterior motive is to gather stories for my next books.

So here is the first one – the girl in pink. I wanted to have her a long flowing hair and also tried to add some flowing of the dress to emphasis on the wind direction. What I am not most happy about is the background leaves, I think they can be improved a lot.

This illustration is still storyless, I soon post the story accompanying it.

The Girl in Pink
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