Week 2. Post 4.

The Girl with Frogs

The Music of the Water

Once upon a time there was a little girl named Cece. She had beautiful, coloured hair and she loved to sing. But Cece was shy and never had the courage to sing in front of her friends or any audience. She always thought she couldn’t really sing well. But music was always there with her – surrounding her body and soul.

One afternoon, the sky was overcast and Cece had a mood matching to it. She was feeling blue, and she went and sat next to a pond. And as you know an overcast sky brings the hope of rain, and with a hope of rain comes the song of frogs. So, there it was, a chorus of ribbits. But somehow all those croaking sounded like a music of water to Cece, and so, she listened.

Then suddenly she realized that she was also singing along. The insects, the leaves – everything started to join in. Then came the rain. All the sounds created a beautiful harmony.

Since then, Cece only sang for her animal friends and for the nature around her.

The End. 😀

The Girl with Frogs – The Music of the Water
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