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The Girl with Frogs

Crodo the Crocodile-Dragon

Cordo the crocodile-dragon was the black sheep of her family. She was half crocodile and half dragon and so her crocodile family never accepted her fully. The other kids in the pond made fun of her and one day Crodo decided to do something about it. She had heard about a wise old man, living on the top of the mountain. Crodo thought of visiting him and asking him for advice. She did what she thought, she set out for the mountains. 

On the foothill of the mountain there was a river, one had to cross the river before reaching the mountain. In the bank of this very river Crodo met a little warrior girl. She was sitting on a rock and was deep in thought. Crodo went near her and asked what’s the problem? She told her that she has to cross the river to reach the mountain but she doesn’t know how to swim. 

Crodo asked her to hold her tail, and together they crossed the river. Crodo was a very good swimmer. Then came the mountain, part of it was very steep, and it was impossible for the girl to climb. Crodo was a very good climber as well, so she helped her during those difficult parts of the climbing.

Together they reached the mountain. But there was no old wise man. The little girl smiled and said, she is the old wise man. She was not actually old or a man, but she was wise. And she told Crodo, that the journey was all part of a test.

You see, Crodo loved to swim, and her crocodile part helped her doing that. Crodo also loved to climb and her dragon part helped her doing that. So she was what she was and she loved both the parts. When Crodo realized that, she felt at peace. But she did not want to go back, because she had found a good friend in the little girl. 

So they stayed together and had a lot more adventure. I will tell them to you later, when I get some more time.

The End. 😀

The Girl with Dragon – Crodo
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