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The Potter Girl

The Magic Potter’s Wheel

I guess you have all heard the story of the magic porridge pot. You know, the story, where you say, ‘cook pot, cook’ and the magic pot starts cooking porridge. Then you need to say the magic stopping word, ‘stop pot, stop’, for the pot to stop making porridge. But have you ever wondered where the pot came from? Let me tell you the story.

Do you see the girl in the picture, she is a sorcerer, which is a fancy word for wizard or witch. And the potter’s wheel you see is magical. You just have to say, “make wheel, make”, and it makes beautiful pottery. And every pot or pan it makes is magical. They all have the same properties like the magic porridge pot of the story I have just told you. This wheel also has a magical stop word, “Stop wheel, stop! Hing, Ting, Chhot.”

Do you want to know how this lady found the wheel in the first place? Here comes that story –

Many years ago, when she was a little girl, all she wanted was to be magical. She was born in a sorcerer family and all her brothers and sisters have already received their magical talents. But the girl was still waiting. So one day she was sitting under a tree and moping, and an old lady approached her and asked, “what’s wrong with you little girl?” The girl was sad and so told her all about her sorrow.

The old lady said, “don’t be so sad, let me tell you something. When you don’t get your talent naturally, you should work for it. So I am going to give this magical potter’s wheel. But you have to do a lot of good deeds to activate the power. When its power gets activated all you have to say is, ‘make wheel, make’ and it will make magic pots for you”.

Then the old lady told her all about the magical qualities of those pots. Like a milk glass will keep making milk when you ask for it, a porridge pot will keep making porridge when you ask for it, a rice pot will keep making rice when you ask for it – and so on. She taught the little girl all the stopping-words as well.

So the little girl brought the potter’s wheel home and started to think – how can she use this to help people? And an idea came to her. Not far away from her home, there lived a few very poor families and they cooked in broken pots. So the little girl arranged for some clay and started to make pots. After a few attempts she was able to make a rice pot and then a few bowls and then a few glasses. They were not perfect, but usable. But these were regular pots, no magic power yet. Anyway the little girl took all of them and gave them away.

She came back home and asked the wheel, ‘make wheel, make’. But the wheel’s magic was still not activated. The little girl kept making more pots and gave them away. She kept doing this till the magic was activated. It took her a whole year and thousands of pots to get the magic of the wheel. And by that time, she was making beautiful pots and her hard work paid off.

Then she took the new magic pots and started to distribute them to the needy. And she is still doing that.

The End. 😀

The Illustration Process

I was not very happy with the illustration with the standing pose, so I redid it with a sitting pose. After finishing these two illustrations what I understood is that I need to work on the folds in cloths.

I have also tried to use some grainy texture in both the illustrations. I made the brush mentioned in this YouTube tutorial.

The Potter Girl – The Magic Potter’s Wheel
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