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The Dream of a Pea – মটর কড়াইয়ের ইচ্ছে

Bilingual Early Learning Book (Level 2) -Kindle Edition

A little pea dreams of becoming a beautiful vine and hold a world in its leaves. But the farmer harvested his crops to take it to the market. Will the little pea ever fulfil its dream? Come let’s find it out. (details)

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Book Descriptions

This bilingual picture book comes with

  • Bengali and English for understanding both language
  • Lots of fun activities (maze, find the differences, find the words, match the words etc.) to engage the young minds.
  • This book also introduces kids to the process of seed germination and the life cycle of a plant.
  • A perfect book to read after learning Bengali alphabets and vowel marks.
  • Large prints for the ease of reading.
  • Each consonant conjunct (যুক্তাক্ষর) is explained explicitly to facilitate learning and understanding.
  • Colorful and bright images for fun and easy word association.
  • This book can be used as a bedtime story for the toddlers, and early learners can use it to read aloud. (Level 2)

Bilingual edition of The Dream of a Pea – মটর কড়াইয়ের ইচ্ছে is available in kindle e-book format, therefore can be downloaded and read from anywhere in the world.

Note: Kindle e-books can be read on mobile, tablets, computer and kindle e-readers. Download kindle of Free. 

Level Details

Level 1: For children who are taking their first step in reading and can read short and simple sentences with their parents help.
Level 2: For children who can read simple stories with help.
Level 3: For children who are ready for longer stories
Level 4 : For children who can be introduced to chapter books, with short and easy chapters.

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