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The Story Book (Part 1)

English Early Learning Book (Level 1) -Kindle Edition

The story book has been written by 6 years old Biyas Mondal. This book contains 5 short stories about animals, birds, insects and a snowman. (details)

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Book Descriptions

The Story Book is a collection of five short stories written and illustrated by 6 years old Biyas Mondal. This book is appropriate for little children (1 to 6 years). A perfect book to read after learning alphabets.

This book is available in kindle e-book format, therefore can be downloaded and read from anywhere in the world.

Note: Kindle e-books can be read on mobile, tablets, computer and kindle e-readers. Download kindle of Free. 

Level Details

Level 1: For children who are taking their first step in reading and can read short and simple sentences with their parents help.
Level 2: For children who can read simple stories with help.
Level 3: For children who are ready for longer stories.
Level 4 : For children who can be introduced to chapter books, with short and easy chapters.

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