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 রসায়নের খাতা ও অন্যান্য গল্প

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Rosayaner Khata is a collection of three Bengali romantic short stories. Three different persons, three different situations and three different types of love. (details)

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Book Descriptions

Rosayaner Khata is a collection of three Bengali contemporary romantic short stories, three different situations, three different persons, and three different kinds of love.

Love comes to our lives in different shapes and sizes. Sometimes we cannot recognize it, and sometimes we do not take good care of it even if we are lucky to have it. And most of the times, we go looking for it in all the wrong places; where it was always staring us in the face – I am talking about the best kind of love here – the self-love.

This book contains three short stories where the protagonists are coming from different age groups and gender.

In one story Banshi meets her once-best-friend Akash after five years. What caused their fall-out? Will she be able to patch things up with him? In the next story Trisha finds her relationship is trouble. Will her despair take over? And in the last story Suprobhat looks for enjoyment and content in his daily life.

Story 1 – Rosayaner Khata

Story 2 – Bhalobasa – Kharapbasa

Story 3 – Ekta Chhutir Din

Rosayaner Khata is available in kindle e-book format, therefore can be downloaded and read from anywhere in the world.

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